Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Week After Spring Break. . . . . . . . .

Hello and welcome back to school this week! The weather was wonderful over spring break, even for those of us that did not travel to Mexico or Florida!

I spent my break fixing my husband's packing mistakes as well as working on activities for Teachers Pay Teachers. If you have never heard of this resource you need to check it out. Most of the activities are absolutely worth every penny I have spent. The best part is that all the money you spend goes to the teachers who created the activity! I now have a store and if you would like to check out my products you can follow the link Here.

You will need to create an account to download any products, but it is free. I do have a free item am working on posting a couple more free items this weekend. Right now I only have math activities posted, but I still need to make my language arts activities more attractive first.

The following are examples of my work on Tpt.  You can follow the link above to see example pages as well as my other products.

Spring Flower Pot Addition- Making Ten
Here is my free item.  This activity works on adding three addends by looking for groups of ten.

Teachers Pay Teachers
This activity has enough math story problems to last you until the end of the school year. Time, money, change unknown, measurement, and more all covered.

Spring Flower Fact Families
This activity is always good for first graders!

I am still going to be posting activities here that hopefully will help in the classroom so no worries! The first activity I am going to give you will support Unit 15 of MTB. 3D Shapes. Follow this link to print off the activity. 3D Shapes Unit.  This activity was created by

The second activity I am posting is one I plan to use next week in my math centers. Who does not love jelly beans and this activity by Jennifer Kadar will have your students sorting, graphing, tallying, and patterning with jelly beans.  Jelly Bean Math

Have a great rest of the week!


Friday, March 9, 2012

March Madness!

Hello Everyone!

We finally are moved into our new house after a week of being homeless!  I have not had the Internet for the last week either so I apologize once again for being behind on my postings. 

I do have wonderful news to share though!  I figured out how to link all my activities I do in my classroom!  After the many, many months of stressing out and giving up I FINALLY got it!!  Thank you to Blogs by Heather on my google search that helped me understand what to do!!  So watch out- now you will be getting activity after activity from me!

This week I focused mainly on measurement for my math centers.  I feel like we have not had quite what my class this year needs so I found some great activities.  One of the activities has to do with looking at a design of pattern blocks and they will need to build the design themselves.  I found these activities from Mrs. Wills website Here .  The other measurement activities I had in my math centers this week were activities I bought from other teachers so I will not be able to post them.  Sorry.

In order to open up these links I am giving, you will need to have a gmail account.  It is free!  I use my account as a junk email that I give when I don't want to be bothered by a company.  When you bring it up in Google Documents you may not see the whole document.  Click on file, download, then save the document.  That should give you the full document.  If not you may be able to print it out and it will look just fine.  Another thing is that you do not need the colored ink.  Many activities I will just print off in black and white and send home with my students.
Pattern Block Designs

Here are more pattern block designs:
More Pattern Block Designs

Finally a recording sheet if you like:
Pattern Block recording sheet

I am also working a lot on time in my classroom in whole group whenever I get a minute.  I am also giving time activities and centers right away in the morning until I get all the folders signed and attendance taken.  Here is an example of a telling time activity I have done with my class:  Both Activities are from The Bubbly Blond website Here
Time Center

Here is a center I created that I can't wait to share!  Please give me feedback both on this activity and any other centers you would like to see me create.  All the graphics were createdby Scrappin Doodles. Here
Time Center by Tina Parker

And finally I am going to get more into money next week.  Here is a preview of one of the money centers I will have for next week.
Money Center

Other activities I am planning on using in my centers next week are place value, problem solving-march theme, breaking up numbers into number sentences, probability, fraction concepts, and shamrock fact families.  Again, I purchased all of these activities, but I am in the process of making many of my own. 
Feedback is much appreciated so keep it comming!

Have a great weekend!

Tina Parker