Friday, October 21, 2011

Activities to Extend Unit 4 MTB

Hello! Many of you should be starting Unit 4 if you have not already.  I was searching around and found some great extension activities you can do for this unit.
For each of the activities I post I will post the name of the activity, an explanation of that activity, and an activity sheet  that goes with the lesson.
The first activity is from Shari Slone. 
Treehouse Game - This game is to practice Odd and Even Numbers. The directions state to use a deck of cards, but my kids just used dice whenever they wanted to play the game quickly (which they wanted to play it a lot.) With a partner, each child decides if they are going to be odd or even. They draw a card (or roll dice) and if the number is what they chose (odd or even) they write the number on the bottom rung of the ladder. If it is not what they chose (odd or eve) his/ her turn is over. The first child to the top of the treehouse is the winner.."

The next activity is also practicing odd and even numbers.  This game is called sink or swim.

The last two activities work on number sense.  Students are asked to count and ID numbers, but may not be asked what numbers come next or before other numbers. 

What Comes Before? or What Comes Next? - This is a great game for practicing number order. To play "What Comes Before?" the child rolls 2 dice and writes the number on the last line. The child then write the 3 numbers that come before the number. For "What Come Next?" the child rolls 1 or 2 dice and writes that number and then the 3 numbers that come after it.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Please be patient with me as I am trying to construct this blog to my liking.  I am a first time blogger and am learning as I go.  I am planning on using this blog to communicate to the first grade teachers in a more effective way.  The goal is to take pictures of extra activities and games I do with my students so feel free to use any idea I have.  I will also try to attach any templates I create or find from other websites.