Thursday, December 22, 2011

More Fun Activities

I felt bad taking two weeks between postings and the weak post the beginning of December so here are a few more activities. 

I have- who has place value
Place value- What’s my number?
sink or swim addition- odd or even

100 Chart Designs

Hello! Remember Me?

Here we go again with my apologies for not keeping up with this blog.  It really has been on my list EVERY Friday, but you already know how my list must be going.  I wanted to get some good activities out here that you may be able to use in your classroom next month.

Here is a lesson about place value created by the blog created by "babbling Abby." 

Marshmallow place value recording sheets

Below is the picture of the easy manipulative that goes with this activity.

The next activity is a graphing activity that you can use if we every had a snow day or even a lot of snow on the weekend.

Finally I am going to put in two of the cutest Grinch ideas! I did not have time to do much with them.  I just got a couple writing activities done.
They were both created by Deanna Jump.

Grinch Unit

Grinch Writing Activity- Before and After

I want to wish everyone a very happy holiday break and good luck to you this coming new year!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Unit 7- Patterns

December already!  I had a goal to get this posted during the work day last Friday, but my report cards took longer than I thought they would . 

I did find another great website for many math activities that would support MTB lessons.  Here is a growing pattern activity that would be fun to do whole group in your classroom.  In Unit 7 MTB tends to focus on shape patterns, but then our students are expected to know how to do number patterns on the end of the year test.  I have done these growing patterns many times in my classroom and the kids love them.  Here is the link:

That is all I have time for today, but will try to post more tomorrow.