Thursday, April 5, 2012

Holiday Week!

Hello Everyone!

I am not proud to admit I am not as far as I would like in math due to being on maternity leave earlier this school year.  That being said the activities I share with you could be used as a review of Unit 15 (3-D Shapes) if you have already completed the unit. 

I completed this mini unit created by Tina Rubie Here.  This activity is super! This teacher does add a triangular prism and a cone in addition to the rectangular prism, sphere, cube, and cylinder.  I just took out those shapes for now, but plan on introducing those shapes at a later time.  Here are a couple of the activities I used that really seemed to get the concept across.
This riddle activity involved the students choosing a shape of their choice and writing three clues on the front that would describe the properties of that shape.

Then on the inside of the booklet they glued a picture of their shape and wrote what shape they chose.  They enjoyed this activity so much that every single one of them wanted to volunteer to share their riddles.  What a great way to reinforce concepts!!

After the first activity I chose a shape for them to have that was different than the once they chose.  Then, they had to identify the shape and write down the properties of that shape.  I used this as an assessment to make sure they understood the concept.  

Another activity I have not tried yet, but plan to do parts of this unit is by Nicole Bunt HereI like the guess my shape activity, the alike and different, and the shape cards to play memory or sort by properties.

Please check out my spring activities from Teacher pay Teacher TpT and if you have any concepts you would like to see me create please let me know @  When I create these items I make sure they are all aligned with the new Common Core Standards.  Currently, I am working on a summer school packet in both reading and math for teachers to use if they need activities to cover the necessary first grade concepts.

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Tina Parker

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