Friday, February 24, 2012

Teacher Conferences This Week!

Hello Everyone!  I hope your conferences went well this past week and you can relax this weekend!  I wish I could relax, but we have three birthday parties this weekend and we also need to move to our new house. 

I have been stressing out a lot trying to post some wonderful resources I have created for you, but once again technology is my enemy.  Instead I decided to take some pictures of the centers I have done this past week.  I know it is Valentine themed, but I had so many center ideas that we are actually even going into next week as well : )  All of these center ideas were from Abby Mills.

Here is a graphing center that will have the students graph the data and then answer questions for further understanding.  I have an activity similiar of my own that is about graphing fruit. 
This activity has six addition and six subtraction problems.  Students will cut out each problem, glue it in the booklet, and then draw a picture, and record a number sentence.  I really like the set-up and hope to create a set of my own for March.  If you would like a copy of the March problems send an email the second week in March.
This sheet looks very scary and confusing, but really my students just LOVED it.  Each card has three numbers on it.  Two of the numbers make ten and then they add the third number to get the answer.  I can see creating adding pots of gold in a similar activity.

This activity is a true/false center that students will need to look at groups of ten sticks and bits (ones) and decide if the group is greater than or less than a number.  The will then need to record which cards are true and which are false.

I am so sorry I could not get actual activities posted this week.  If you have any concepts your students are struggling in please comment and let me know.  I have about 20 different activities started, but not finished yet.  I do have two activities finished that I would be willing to email to you.  One is Number ID up to 1000 and the other is telling time (analog, digital).  Let me know you are interested and I can get it to you: .

Thanks again for the support of this blog and have a wonderful weekend!


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Happy 100th Week!

Hello Everyone!

I hope your 100th day went well this week.  I wonder with the new common core standards if we will have to celebrate the 120th day next year? :)

I know I am a bit late with this reminder, but remember to record the sky for the weather lab this month.  One way I remember to fill in the calendar is to have my students do it right away in the morning after they sign in.  Otherwise we are rushing so much during the day that it can easily be overlooked. 

I found some really cool clip art sites that I will share with you.  This could help you in the future cover information that is needed in the new common core standards.

US Money 
This link is US common currency

2D and 3D Shapes
Here is one on 2D and 3D shapes

This one I really like on Clocks and time.  I am currently finishing up a center that teaches the digital, analog, and the written versions of time.  I will post it as soon as I get it finished!

Place Value
This one is on place value- bits, skinny, and flats.  We don't use them much in first grade, but with the new common core standards we will!

Have a great rest of the week!


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Common Core Standards

Hi Everyone! 

I am late covering the concept of equality with my students this year because of my maternity leave so today was the day.  I asked them to answer the question: True or False 3=3.  When they came into the room they had to write either true or false by their name.  I took a picture so you could see the results first hand, but once again I can't get it posted.  Basically 19 students wrote false and only one wrote true.  Until I started doing this activity a few years ago I assumed that all my students understood equality and the equal sign.  The truth is that they do not!!  So I went through the lesson whole group about balance and "same as" and there still are some students that struggle with the concept, especially when I started challenging them with problems 4+1=3+2 or 3+3=7-1.  The majority caught on pretty quick, but I know I need to keep reviewing. 

Math Center Lesson Plan for
Week of Jan. 30 - Feb.3
Spin to Win- Race to 120 (1.NBT.1)
Teach Me
JCU AND SCU CGI problems- (1.OA.1)
Time Myself
1.NBT.1- Counting as fast as they can in 30 sec. forwards and backwards by 1’s, 5’s, and 10’s
Placing random numbers on an empty number line. (1.NBT.1)
TILES  (measuring area of shapes)– (1.G.1)
Math fact
Students are timing each other going through a list of 10 -0 and 10 -1 facts and recording their times.

Notes:  I am taking this week to assess all students one on one to determine how they are solving their addition problems.  (do they count on, use fingers, know doubles, doubles plus one, and so on).  From these results I will then create pull-out groups to work on their skills.

As I go through the third week of my math centers I am noticing that this is easier to prep than I thought.  Instead of changing the counting as fast as they can I am leaving it in for one more week because they are loving it and it is always good to practice both forwards and backwards counting. 

With the 100th day coming up here are some resources I plan on doing that week:

- Race to 100 game- print off a 100 chart (or a blank one and have them fill in the numbers if you want to assess them!), give each pair a die, and take turns rolling and adding on from 0 based on the number rolled.

Number order 99-120   - This sheet is challenging for some due to the font from "Babbling Abby's" Website where I found this resource.  I am planning to re-create a document similar with better font.

One hundred days ago I could not.pdf   This activity is not math, but I thought I would share.  I plan to create a class book. 

Equal or Not Equal  

I created this equality sheet to check for understanding after the initial lesson I did with my kids. 

Once again I will try to post more activities as I find them.