Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Week Before Halloween...........

Happy Wednesday!

I cannot believe how fast the weeks are flying by so far this school year!  I am also so proud of my class.  The other day I tried to stop and move on during our fair sharing lesson and they begged me to keep working (No kidding!!).  Of course I told them they could and they worked quietly for a total of an hour.
 I have never had a class that enjoys math more than the one I have this school and it is so rewarding and exciting.  They are eager little sponges that just want to learn more.  Now I know you are thinking I must have such an easy class, but it is not the case at all.  I have just learned that I needed to change my way of teaching to best fit them.  I struggled at the beginning of the school year, boy did I struggle!!  I made little changes along the way to try to make things work and I think I finally found it.  My class needs to be given instructions on the carpet area and then sent back to their tables to work. 

I know I missed posting my equality lesson tips so I am going to try to get a bit ahead and post about greater than, less than, and equal to.  It is important to introduce the concept of the equal or "same as" sign to your students before greater than/less than.  I also spend a few days practicing quanity discrimination.

When I introduce greater than/less than I will write two numbers on the board and ask them what number is larger.  After they tell me I will draw two dots (like a colon) next to the larger number.  I will then ask them which number is the smaller number or is less than (use both terms for better understanding) and place one dot next to the smaller number.  Then all they need to do is connect the dots.(See picture below).  It is important that you also have them read it back to you.  This is created further understanding of quantity of number. 

Here is my Greater Than Less Than Activity that I created for math centers this week. My students are enjoying greater than, less than, and equal so much that I thought I would reward them. This activity has two different center activities that focuses on numbers 0-20. Enjoy! I am also working on creating higher numbers that I will post on my Teachers Pay Teacher site within the week.  This activity supports the Common Core State Standard 1.NBT.3.
For  math homework this week I am sending home the counting by 5's forward and backwards center activity and recording.  I am also working on count arounds (in a circle as a class) both forwards and backwards every day.  This activity supports the Common Core State Standard 1.NBT.1. 
If you end up having questions for me and you have my school email please use that email rather than my gmail address.  I do check the gmail address, but not as often as my school email.
Thanks and have a great rest of the week :)!

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